Empowering STEM Learning

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College collaborates with the Royal Institution to introduce engaging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) masterclasses in Hampshire. 

These hands-on sessions, led by academics and industry experts, aim to enhance students’ understanding of STEM subjects beyond their regular coursework. This collaborative effort welcomed Year 8 students from Crestwood, Deer Park, and Mountbatten schools, providing them unique learning opportunities.

The masterclasses, held on various dates, covered diverse topics:

Arduino Programming with UKESF (UK Electronics Skills Foundation)

Students explored microprocessors and sensors, learning to program systems to measure sound, light, and movement. Scholars Alexander Mills and Tao Zeng shared their electronic engineering experiences.

Image Processing with Leonardo

Participants delved into computerised image analysis, writing Python code to identify objects in images and videos.

Digital Forensics with Professor Sarah Morris, University of Southampton

Professor Sarah Morris led a session on digital forensics, showcasing the role of computer science in criminal investigations.

 Drone Competition with NXP Semiconductors:

Students programmed drones to navigate obstacle courses, learning about hardware programming challenges.

The Computer Science of Mazes with Matt Arnmor, Barton Peveril

Students explored maze-solving algorithms through hands-on programming, gaining insights into computer science concepts.

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