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Page last updated: 25 August 2020, 15:00

Please check this message regularly – it is a changing situation and we will update this message to reflect those changes.

Changes to your A level grades

We are delighted that the Government has made the decision to reinstate CAGs (Centre Assessed Grades) as the actual A Level grades and we will keep you updated on when and how this will happen as soon as we have that information. We expect the decision to raise 1,700 A level grades benefitting 1,179 students. To confirm, in the rare event the grade awarded by the exam board was higher than your CAG, you will keep the higher grade.

In the meantime, please remember you can print off your A level results and your CAGs from Studio to send to universities should you need to. It is our understanding that the exam boards will provide UCAS, and therefore universities, with the change of grade today (Tuesday 18 August).

If you have any concerns about your university place or if you have any queries about the clearing process, please email us at studentservices@barton.ac.uk.

Appeals against A level and GCSE Grades

There is now very limited opportunity to appeal the result you have been awarded.

The Government’s decision on Monday 17 August to award your CAGs as your actual grade removes any appeal the college can make on your behalf to use CAGs, mock exams or any other form of assessment as a basis on which to award your grade. We will not therefore progress any of these requests.

Students may apply to sit the exams in October and must request this by 28th August 2020 using this form. Please print off this form, complete the details and hand in to the College Reception.

There may still be an opportunity for the College to appeal on very limited grounds on your behalf, eg that your CAG was subject to bias or discrimination, or on the grounds of administrative error. If you have already asked us to do this we will contact you with our decision as to whether we will appeal to the exam board or not. We cannot put a date on this at this moment in time. If you believe you were discriminated against or there has been an administrative error and have not yet notified us, you should complete this online form.

We are still awaiting to see whether the Government/Ofqual will offer any other grounds for colleges/students to appeal against their CAGs following the Government’s announcement on Monday 17 August 2020.

Changes to Vocational Course Grades

OCR have announced that Cambridge Technicals and Cambridge Nationals students to receive centre assessment grades.

Pearson (for BTECs) have stated that they are reviewing any candidates awarded U grades for units who have as a result been ungraded overall.

SPAs will be in contact with the candidates concerned as and when we hear officially from the boards.

Appeals against Vocational grades

There is currently no information on appeals against Vocational grades. However, if you would like to register your wish to appeal your unit grade(s) (just in case the exam boards establish an appeals process), and you believe you were discriminated against or there has been an administrative error and you have not yet notified us, you should complete this online form.

Deadline for Appeals

The awarding body deadline to receive appeals on grades awarded is 17th September 2020. Due to the number of requests the College is receiving and to provide sufficient time to investigate and review each case the College has set an internal deadline of noon on Friday 28th August for students to put in a request to the College. This will then provide sufficient time for the request to be reviewed prior to the awarding bodies’ deadline.

Further Updates

We will update the website as the situation becomes clearer and the examination boards let us know appeals procedures.

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