Important Update: Taster Days

Dear all,

Following a meeting with Hampshire Children’s Services and Public Health England, it is clear there is significant concern about the rise in cases of the Delta COVID-19 variant and they suggested the safest course of action, in the current situation, is to not run in-person Taster Days.
We have explored a number of ways in which we could go ahead but the changes we would have to make, to mitigate the risks, would make this a much less satisfactory event.
For your safety and the safety of the community, we have regrettably reached the conclusion that our Taster Days will move online.
Thank you for your patience over this ‘about turn’. We had so much wanted to meet students face to face and to give them a chance to sample the atmosphere of the College and familiarise themselves with the campus.
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Prest, Principal

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