Introductory Days 2017

If you have applied and accepted a place to study at Barton Peveril from September 2017, you will have been invited to attend one of our Introductory Days on Monday 3 July and Tuesday 4 July from 8:45am-4:00pm.

Introductory Day gives you the opportunity to learn more about our college and the subjects you have chosen to study. You’ll get a taste of college life – with subject sessions, time with teachers and friends, an opportunity to explore the campus and take a closer look at our outstanding facilities.

Here are our most commonly asked questions about Introductory Days. If you have a question not featured, please email or tweet us @bartonpeveril using the hashtag #IntroDay2017

What can I expect from Introductory Day?

  • Your visit begins with a tutor session. Your Introductory Day tutor will welcome you and explain a bit more about the day. You may see a familiar face in the tutor room as we try to make sure you’ll be with someone from your school.
  • You will experience a lesson in each of your chosen Introductory Day subjects. Each session will get you actively involved and require you to think like an A Level student. You will learn something new and may be given some simple preparation or reading for the summer holidays.
  • Towards the end of the day you will regroup with your Introductory Day tutor and have the opportunity to ask any questions you have or share your experiences.

Will there be breaks and where can I buy food?

You will get breaks throughout the day including a lunchtime where there will be food stalls outside in the Quad and a wider choice of food in the Student Centre. You can bring your own lunch with you, or money to buy your own drinks, snacks or lunch from one of our many outlets across campus.

Will I be sent some information about Introductory Day?

You will have received an information pack in the post within the last few weeks. This pack will contain Your Guide to Introductory Day Leaflet and your personalised timetable for the day. If you did not receive a pack please email us on

How do you work out my timetable and can I change my Introductory Day subject sessions? 

The subjects shown on your Introductory Day timetable are those which were discussed with you at your college interview. Most students will have four subject sessions, but if you opted for a vocational option such as an Introductory Diploma or Extended Diploma, you may only have two or three subjects on your timetable. Unfortunately the deadline for changing your Introductory Day timetable has now passed, so you will not be able to change your subject sessions.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Your Guide to Introductory Day Leaflet (which has your bus pass on it)
  • Your personalised timetable
  • Pens and paper
  • Money for food and drinks (or your own lunch)
  • If you have chosen sport or performing arts courses then bring appropriate, comfortable clothes including trainers
  • If you chosen A Level Music, you will need to bring your instrument

How do I get to college on Introductory Day?

In Your Guide to Introductory Day there is a whole section about how to get to Barton Peveril. If you live on a college bus route, check out the Introductory Day 2017 Bus Route Information.

Where do I go when I arrive at Barton Peveril? I’m worried about finding my way round college!

When you arrive on campus, make your way to the tutor room shown on your personalised timetable. Check out the Map in Your Guide to Introductory Day but don’t panic – there will be plenty of people around to point you in the right direction if you are not sure.

When do I make the final decision about what subjects to study in September?

This happens in August, after you get your GCSE results. You will receive an enrolment interview for Friday 25, Tuesday 29 or Wednesday 30 August. This is when you come back to college, talk through your final options and formally enrol as a Barton Peveril student  – providing you have achieved the minimum entry requirements for your chosen courses.

Anything else I need to know?

Don’t worry! Introductory Day should be a fun, positive and informative experience which will cement your choices about what you want to study in September. You’ll get a flavour of college life, learn something different and hopefully be inspired and excited to join us!

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