Law in order

Law lecturer, Ann Radford, has made her first foray into publishing after co-writing a revision guide.

WEB-Ann-RadfordAnn is an assistant principal examiner for AS Law and also tests questions and scrutinises future papers set for the A2 course by examining body OCR.

More than 6000 students who sit the OCR AS level exam every year will potentially benefit from the My Revision Notes guide which is published by Hodder Education and can also be used as a course text book.

“The book is structured and written specifically to help students gain confidence and achieve the best grades in their exams,” explains Ann, who has taught at Barton Peveril for 13 years.

“The fantastic thing about Law is that there’s no area of learning or life that isn’t touched by it.

“Students studying accounting need to know about equity, chartered surveyors need land law while tort – or civil law – is something we all use every day, even if we don’t realise it!”

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