Learning Support Leader Collaborates in National Campaign

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College Learning Support Subject Leader, Laura Stephens, has been involved in creating a film series documenting the importance of technology as a form of learning support, with BATA.

The series, The Power of Assistive Technology, aims to raise awareness in schools and colleges across the UK about the impact that Assistive Technology can have on the lives of young people. The campaign has been created by BATA, British Assistive Technologies Association. Laura Stephens became involved with the series after being recommended to the project’s leader, Myles Pilling, by Dr Susie Nyman. Stephens champions the use of assistive technology, and has been able to see the impact that the technology has had on the lives of Barton Peveril students. Laura was inspired by the stories of the Barton Peveril students, and about how Assistive Technology can boost students’ wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem. She took the opportunity to discuss the employment of th technology at Barton Peveril:

We are in a very lucky position that we can offer a wide range of AT to both students and staff at Barton Peveril, for use in the classroom, for independent study and in exams. The extensive use of Texthelp’s Read&Write and Scanning Pens ReaderPens in lessons, for student’s independent work and in exams has been a real success – This has allowed students to ensure their work is accessible, whilst building up their own confidence and self-esteem.”

Laura prepared a number of Assistive Technology Student Advocates, who speak in the film series. The students, who access the technology extensively at Barton Peveril, speak about their experiences with Assistive Technology at Barton Peveril. Laura also appears in the film series herself, sharing her experience with providing the technologies. Laura and the students recently delivered a workshop to a local school, offering guidance about the technologies. The Barton Peveril students involved are: Joe Andrews, Laura Crouch, Jack Hayes, Keana Marucci, and Lily Masters

Laura spoke about her experience working with the project:

It has been a pleasure for the assistive technology advocates and myself to be part of this film series to promote the positive impact that AT can have on students across the country – It really can be life-changing and the students express this so well in the series.”


Watch the teaster to the series here.

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