MP Candidates Unite for Student-Led ‘Question Time’ Debate

Students from Barton Peveril Sixth Form College’s Politics Society brought together parliamentary candidates from all six major political parties for a Question Time-style debate. The event provided a platform for robust discussion and the open exchange of ideas on the nation’s critical issues ahead of the upcoming elections.

Students were able to hear from a range of different political positions, specifically those of the Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Reform UK, and Monster Raving Loony Party. All parties had the opportunity to articulate their visions and respond to questions from both the moderator and the student audience.

Representatives from ITV News and Eastleigh News were in attendance. The articles below capture the event through video and text, summarising the contributions of those who took part and those who witnessed it.

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The event was featured on ITV News.

The event was featured on Eastleigh News.

Second Year student Libby Sundru speaks on the event:

Because we are voting in the next election, it is so important to be engaged with our politicians, and so this event, being able to meet the MP candidates and hearing their views, is going to shape our perspective. We’re voting for real people about real concerns, it’s not just about the name of the party.

Jacob Dockree, First Year student and member of the student-led Politics Society, also says:

I was really pleased by the turnout at the event. The panellists thoroughly enjoyed engaging with students, and I really enjoyed organising this event for everyone. It is important for young people to know about the General Election and be involved in politics. The results determine our future.

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  • Mel Sherrington


    Thanks so much for organising this! My son came home full of it – first time we’ve ever had a conversation about politics.
    Thank-you Barton!

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