Nelson Mandela’s Bodyguard Visits Barton Peveril

Black History Month

Nelson Mandela Bodyguard Chris Lubbe
Nelson Mandela’s Bodyguard, Chris Lubbe, with some Barton Peveril students.

Nelson Mandela’s Bodyguard, Chris Lubbe, gave a talk to students at Barton Peveril Sixth Form College on Thursday 11th October. Lubbe spoke to students about race and equality, as part of the College’s involvement with Black History Month.

Lubbe spoke about his life working with Nelson Mandela in depth, discussing racism and discrimination during the Apartheid; Lubbe educated students on the lessons he learned from Mandela and encouraged them to speak out against the racial prejudices that continue today.

Bodyguard’s Lessons

Speaking on Lubbe’s talk, former Thornden School pupil Zaneta Ibekwe said:

“The talk by Chris Lubbe was very thought provoking, moving and emotional. It made me realise just how important it is to vote and made me reflect on history and think about what I could do to make a change no matter how small that change may be.”

Fellow Barton Peveril student Nadine Williamson, who also formerly attended Thornden School, praised the guest speaker too:

“It was really inspiring but at the same time it was very sad to hear what black people went through in South Africa during apartheid; I’m really proud of everyone who did what Mr Lubbe did, so that everyone could have equal rights.”

Barton Peveril Teacher of Sociology Dina de Sousa e Santos added to her students’ comments; Dina is a member of the College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group, who were nominated for a National Diversity Award this year:

“Speakers like Chris Lubbe cement our College Values. His message reinforces the work we are doing with our students to be excellent employers and employees in the future, and his inspirational story, will hopefully touch our students’ lives and fortify their views of justice, fairness and respect for all social groups.”

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