Nerves of steel

Finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place was all part of a challenging experience for Extended Diploma in Sport students.

WEB-1-59-251x300An adrenalin-pumping weekend in the Brecon Beacons tested both physical and mental agility through a range of activities including mountain and gorge walking, caving and climbing.

As well as learning how to use specialist equipment and understanding more about the natural hazards around them, group members further developed their teamwork skills and discovered what trust really means.

“When you are stuck in a cave, paralysed with fear and unable to move, the only way out is to put yourself completely in the hands of others and do exactly what they tell you,” said James Martin, trip organiser and leader of the Extended Diploma in Sport course.

“For many students the trip was a real emotional rollercoaster which tested their confidence and determination to the limit.  All have returned as stronger characters and will be better sportsmen as a result.”

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