Oxbridge offers

From English to Medicine, Earth Sciences to Fine Art, this year’s crop of offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge celebrates a broad span of subject choices and an Oxford acceptance level more than twice the published average.

WEB-Oxbridge-Offer-Holders-2015-10-300x194Two out of three applicants for Medicine achieved places, making Oxford the destination of choice for Ryan Lea (Swanmore) and Adama Newlove (Bitterne Park). Other scientists with places to study under the dreaming spires are Hannah Byron (Portsmouth Grammar – Chemistry), George Cocks (Wyvern – Bio Medicine), Ed Rowe (Quilley – Physics) and Idan Hamm (Toynbee – Earth Sciences).

Jowan Atkinson (Romsey) has an offer to read Maths at Cambridge, while Daniel Mroz (Gregg) and Tabi Sparks (King Edward VI) both have their sights set on Maths at Oxford colleges.

Cambridge University has also made offers to Molly-May Keith (Brookfield – Psychology) and Rose Barslund (King Edward VI – English Literature).

Darcy Allen (Regents Park) has the opportunity to become a History undergraduate at Oxford while Anna Watkinson (Bitterne Park) is looking towards an English degree.

Art Foundation Diploma student Emily Pullen (Wildern) completes the list. She will study Fine Art at the university’s renowned Ruskin School of Art.

Commenting on the students’ success Jonathan Prest, Principal, said: “This year’s Oxbridge performance has been fantastic to the point of winning praise from Oxford University.

“ The College was congratulated on its support for 2015 applicants who have achieved an ‘applications to places offered’ success rate well above that of their peers in the most elite independent and grammar schools.”

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