Prestigious Award for Zachary Peters

First-year student Zachary Peters, formerly of Upper Shirley High School

First-year student Zachary Peters has been bestowed with the honour of being appointed as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for Hampshire, marking the highest promotion for any cadet. 

The announcement was made at a distinguished ceremony held at St. Swithuns on Sunday, 26th November 2023.

During the half-term, Zachary wholeheartedly committed himself to two cadet camps, further exemplifying his passion and commitment to his role and cadet responsibilities. The Barton Peveril student is actively involved in community service, spending the day engaging in poppy-selling activities and participating in Remembrance Sunday events in his new capacity as the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. 

With an unwavering focus on his future, Peters aspires to pursue a career in the army and is currently considering applying to Sandhurst for officer training. His commitment to personal and professional growth is evident through his regular attendance at cadet sessions held on Monday and Thursday evenings. 

Zachary’s exceptional achievements and dedication serve as an inspiration to his peers and the community at large. His commitment to service and the desire to make a positive impact on society are commendable qualities that will contribute to his future success. 

More information on the Hampshire Lieutenant Awards 2023 can be accessed through the SE RFCA website. 

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