Results Days 2020

Congratulations to all our students receiving results today after having to put up with an exceptional situation. Nothing should take away your achievements and we are proud of your fortitude, resilience and determination.

Many of our students will enjoy excellent results today and they will be excited about their onward journey, but we remain deeply disappointed by the decision by Ofqual to downgrade teacher assessed grades. The process and formula they have chosen to use have not taken into account the professional investment of our teachers, nor the incredible improvements we have made to our students’ results over the past three years. We would recommend that the government follow the Scottish parliament decision and award the teacher assessed grades.

We have released the CAG grades (Centre Assessed Grades) to all students. These are the grades that your teachers felt you should get, not the ones the boards have awarded. They can be found on Studio under the Exams tab and can be downloaded as a PDF document. Some universities are stating that they will take CAGs into consideration, so we hope this information proves useful!

We will work tirelessly with students to ensure positive future destinations and the college will also scrutinise the government guidance on the appeals process. Where there is evidence for an appeal, which will be accepted by the exam boards, we will arrange to do so on behalf of all eligible students without them having to make a further request themselves.

Students should be aware there are two further steps available to them, though these are likely to benefit very few, if any. They might;

  1. Lodge an appeal if they feel that there is evidence of discrimination in their final results
  2. Register for exams in October

In both cases, please contact the College Reception (, 02380367200) and we will ensure students get the support and guidance they need.

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