Return to Kenya

The chance to make a difference at educational support and community projects in the poverty-stricken region of Nakuru, southwest Kenya, saw 25 students and staff head for Africa.

WEB-Kenya-no-captionThe trip has been running successfully for three consecutive years, with new students working throughout the year to raise funds for future visits and those who have returned home continuing to support the projects they worked on.

Trip leader and maths teacher, Nikki Inskip, explains: “Our work is mainly focused on construction tasks and helping with the feeding programmes that run throughout the school day.

“We will be returning in 2014 when we hope to work with some of the newer projects in Nakuru as well as keeping in contact with those we have already helped.

“The Kenya trip really is a fantastic opportunity for any Barton Peveril student and has certainly had a positive effect on all those involved!”

Check out these videos to get a flavour of the projects and last year’s student safari!

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