Students Shine in Linguistics Olympiad

13 Linguistics Club students took part in round 1 of the Advanced Level UK Linguistics Olympiad at the beginning of February. It was announced on Monday 26th February that all 13 students had passed with a great set of results, competing against other schools.

The Linguistics Olympiad is a challenging competition with various levels for language students from schools around the UK. The competition involves working out the meanings of words in several languages, which are unknown to the students, through a series of puzzles.

Round 2 commenced on Wednesday 13th March, and they are awaiting the results on the 26th of March. This will inform the students whether they achieved the grade in the next round: Training Camp.

Teacher of German, Jacqui, says:

The Linguistics Olympiad is a competition that gives students the opportunity to explore the grammar and vocabulary of a whole host of different languages through completing puzzles. There are five challenge questions, and they have to work out the grammatical patterns and what words mean through these challenges. It’s pretty demanding as it’s a two-and-a-half-hour paper. I’m really proud of all of the students for taking part. I’m the administrator of the club, and the students run the club themselves. It’s really exciting what they’ve achieved this time around, and I’m really proud of them.

Jacqui Cheetham, Teacher of German

Second Year Student, Dougie, says:

I’m so pleased with how the Olympiad went, and I’m really looking forward to Round 2. I certainly didn’t think, when I started the club at the start of last year, that 13 of us would sit the exam, nor that Barton would get such brilliant results, so I’m really pleased about that too!

Dougie Howells, Second Year Student

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