Students Venture into Higher Education

On Thursday 7th March, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College hosted its successful Higher Education Fair, boasting participation from over 70 universities.

The Higher Education Fair allowed the Hampshire-based students to delve into the abundance of choices in higher education and what is available to them. Moreover, this event allowed the students to explore the different educational institutions and ask specific questions about courses, university life, and entry requirements to make the right choice after college.

Student Recruitment Officer for the University of Southampton, Varan Houghton, promotes: 

A representative from the University of Southampton helping a student

I’m Varan, one of the student recruitment officers at the University of Southampton. We love coming to the Barton events; they are always so busy for us. We must have spoken to about 200-300 people already this morning. We have heard many questions from students who have offers and want to know how the university works, what the first week is like, how they pay for the tuition, and what the difference between an apprenticeship and a degree is. It is really good to be able to talk to people and help them when making those crucial decisions, give them advice and help them think about what they might want to do as their next step.

Varan Houghton from Southampton University

Tom Wallbank from Bournemouth University emphasises the importance of these events: 

A representative from Bournemouth University talking to our students

My name is Tom Wallbank. I’m from Bournemouth University. I think the fair today has been really good. There’s a lot of activity, and there are loads of students. I’ve given out all of my prospectuses by about halfway through the event. I think the students will value this one a lot overall.

Tom Wallbank from Bournemouth University

Felicity Hayter-Gare from Imperial College London gave insight into what the University offers:

Felicity Hayter-Gare from Imperial College London speaking to students

We are a STEM-specialised university, and we offer STEM courses with a research curriculum. We have strong links to the industry to determine what students need and gain our students’ opportunities for in-lab research. We are entirely STEM-based, so our campus is overtaken by science facilities, things like wind tunnels, hydrodynamic walls, and a carbon capture plant. We prepare our students to enter the industry or do science research afterwards.

Felicity Hayter-Gare from Imperial College London

Louise Carr from the University of Liverpool also promotes: 

The visit today is a really great opportunity for universities to speak to students about different courses that we offer and also the fantastic opportunities available like study abroad and work placements, which, of course, will always enhance a student’s experience of university but also improve their employability for later years. Today has been really interesting for me because every school has particular subjects they are keen on, so there has been lots of interest in language courses and law. Things like veterinary courses, medicine and dentistry are always popular and are things we get asked about often. Liverpool is a lovely city to live in, but travel is a big thing if you are looking to move away from home, so it is important for students to do as much research as possible. 

Louise Carr from the University of Liverpool

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