College Finances and Facilities


Our estate is fresh, modern and well resourced. In 2005 we built twelve new classrooms; a Sports Hall; Drama, Dance and Music accommodation; and a Lecture Theatre. In 2011 we renovated our library and original grammar school building. In September 2013 Nobel prize winner Sir Tim Hunt opened the £3.5 million Nobel Building for maths, psychology and computing and in April 2014 a further £2 million extension was added for ICT and Media. In 2015 we opened the £5.2 million Science Centre. In 2016 we have transformed the old science facilities into a brilliant new home for English and Foreign Languages. In 2017 we enlarged and transformed at the cost of £1.3m the student social and eating facilities including adding a new café and kitchens. 2019 saw us extend the Science Centre by 3 laboratories and 3 additional classrooms for £1.6 million to ensure we met the growth in demand for science courses.

In September 2023 we opened our brand new Business and Humanities building, continuing the College’s sustained period of development of our modern campus. The new £9.5m teaching space boasts 28 new classrooms, student study spaces for independent and group work and a new reception area for the College.

A brand new School of Art and Design is currently under construction and set to be complete in September 2024. The new building situated at the back of the College will offer outstanding facilities for students studying Fine Art, Photography and Moving Image, Graphics, Textiles, Product Design and the Level 4 Foundation Art and Design course.


The College’s financial planning is very strong and will ensure we remain a sound and highly competitive institution in the years ahead. The College has an annual income of £15 million, mostly derived from government funding. National cuts in sixth form funding have reduced the amount of money per learner since 2010 but steady student number growth and the efficiencies of being one of the largest sixth form college’s in the country have helped us mitigate the impact.

We have always paid the pay rises negotiated nationally between the Sixth form Colleges Association and the recognised Unions.