Welcome to Barton Peveril

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College has an extraordinary spirit and vibrancy generated by our staff, our facilities and, most of all, by our students.

It’s a diverse and welcoming place, with a purposeful yet relaxed atmosphere appropriate for learning. Studying here provides endless opportunities for personal development through enrichment activities, careers support, college trips and the many friendships you will make.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Barton Peveril College is fully committed to equality, diversity and inclusion. The College actively seeks to monitor, promote and encourage the active participation of all individuals and groups. It fully meets its commitments to equality and diversity legislation and strives to uphold the spirit as well as the letter of the law, celebrating the enrichment brought to the workforce and student population by differences in individuals and groups.

Outstanding support

Our most recent Ofsted inspection judged the care, guidance and Our most recent Ofsted inspection judged the care, guidance and support given to all our students as ‘outstanding’, saying that ‘students value the college’s inclusive ethos’ and ‘disabled learners receive very good support’.

Modern facilities

Barton Peveril consistently invests in its learning environment, as part of its commitment to offering an unrivalled quality of education. Recent projects include: the £9.5 construction of the College’s newest development, The Business School, which will be completed in summer 2023; the £6.5m Science Centre, which was completed in 2019; and the £1.5m remodelling of the College’s Rose Theatre. The Nobel Building – home to English, Maths, Computer Science, Media and IT –  is another example of the College’s ongoing commitment to providing a great learning environment as is the Glyn Library, refurbished in 2011, and our modern sports facilities including a bespoke fitness suite and sportshall.

Latest technology

We are committed to online learning and are continually developing and upgrading the facilities available to staff and students both in the classroom and online.


Aspire programme

At Barton Peveril we’re committed to supporting the individual needs of students at the higher end of the academic spectrum together with those who have exceptional talent such as sportspeople competing at national or international level.


“By making my subjects livelier, my teachers have helped me to grasp new concepts easier.”

Read more about Sasha and some of our other students.

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