Enabling success

The sixth form years are a really important stepping stone for young people as they start to become more independent and make crucial decisions that will shape their future lives.

Being the parent of a teenager has its challenges, but your support plays a key role in enabling your child/dependent to maximise their academic potential while developing into a responsible citizen. That’s why Barton Peveril encourages a relationship between students, their parents and the College.

Outstanding support

Ofsted describes our academic and pastoral care, guidance and support for students as ‘outstanding’. Inspectors also commented on how well students are prepared for life after College.

We keep in touch with you through

  • online attendance and performance monitors
  • your child or dependant’s Personal Tutor and Student Progress Adviser
  • briefing meetings on topics such as funding for higher education
  • Parents’ Evenings

Meeting expectations

Just as we have clear expectations of our students, we ask parents to

  • take an interest in their life at College
  • make use of online data and resources
  • contact us with any concerns
  • ensure holidays are not booked during term time
  • help students achieve a balance between College work, paid employment, hobbies and their social lives

Visit our Student Financial Help and Support page for more information on our Student Support Funding.

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