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Chinese Mandarin

HSK Level 1 (Q-XTRA)

Course Summary

The HSK course exposes you to the Chinese language, one of the most widely used languages in the world. The course is based on the textbook Standard Course HSK (1- 3) and is officially certified by Hanban. During one year of studying you will amass a vast amount of basic knowledge on the Chinese language and culture, learning 1000 words, basic Chinese grammar and the knowledge of Chinese characters.

Entry Requirements

  • Passion and enthusiasm for Chinese Mandarin. A GCSE in a language is advantageous
  • Commitment to three hours of additional study yourself in outside of College hours



  • Identity and Culture
  • Future Aspirations, Study and Work
  • Daily Routine
  • Food and Drink
  • Travel
  • Entertainment

Why choose this course?

  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture
  • Field trip
  • Transferable skills for employability

Where might it lead?

After finishing the HSK course there will be several options for you. You will be able to complete a GCSE in Chinese, pass the HSK Test (level 3) and apply for Chinese government sponsorship to study in China for one year or continue to study HSK (level 4) and apply for Chinese government sponsored study at a University in China for four years.


Final Examinations in speaking, listening, reading and writing


Owen Spicer

“For me, the ability to try new things, make new friends, and develop yourself as a person in a supportive environment made my time at Barton a lot more enjoyable."

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