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A Level

Exam Board: A Level French – AQA

Course Summary

A Level French will help you build your fluency and accuracy in the language to a very high level. You will acquire a broad vocabulary whilst you explore French grammar and culture through studying the topics, the film and the novel.

Entry Requirements

  • GCSEs to include a minimum Grade 6 in French (Higher)
  • Minimum average GCSE score of 5


Paper 1: Listening/ Reading/ Translations

Paper 2: One essay on the book and one essay on the film

Paper 3: Speaking: one stimulus and individual research project



  • First Year: Family, Technology, Volunteering, Heritage, Music and Cinema
  • Second Year: Cultural Diversity, Social Exclusion, Criminals, Political Engagement, Strikes and Immigration
  • Grammar
  • Film: L’Auberge Espagnole
  • Novel: Kiffe Kiffe Demain

Why choose this course?

  • Opportunity to immerseyourself in another culture
  • Facilitating subject
  • Taught by a French national
  • Transferable skills for employability.

Where might it lead?

French can lead to a wide range of opportunities at university and in employment, both in this country and abroad, even leading to study or work in a French-speaking country. The highly respected ability to use multiple languages is beneficial for any route you take after College. Former students work in Law, Travel and Tourism, Translation, Business, Marketing, and Education.


Daniele Stankeviciute

“The teachers are very supportive if you are struggling and the atmosphere as a whole makes it easy to make friends."

Read more about Daniele and some of our other students.