Japanese – GCSE (Q-XTRA)

Exam Board: GCSE Japanese – Edexcel/Pearson

Course Summary

GSCE Japanese will extend your knowledge of the Japanese language and culture. You must have already completed the Certificate in Japanese, which can be taken during your first year at Barton Peveril. After studying GCSE Japanese you will have a greater ability to use and understand Japanese, learning 200 Kanji, and an impressive qualification that will help you stand out to employers and Universities.

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of the Certificate level or equivalent first (this course is not for complete beginners)
  • A GCSE in a language is advantageous



  • Identity and Culture
  • Local Area, Holiday and Travel
  • School
  • Future Aspirations, Study and Work
  • International and Global Dimension

Why choose this course?

  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture
  • Field trip
  • Transferable skills for employability

Where might it lead?

GCSE Japanese can lead to studying Japanese at University, similar to past students who have gone on to do a Single or Joint Honours Degree in Japanese after successfully completing the course.


Final Examinations in speaking, listening, reading and writing


Maximillian Lucas

"At Open Evenings, the College campus stood out as one of the most university-like amongst my prospective colleges. The availability of Japanese, and the praise that my secondary school Drama teacher gave the Performing Arts department also influenced my decision."

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