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Course Summary

In Music, you will develop your musical expertise and will benefit from free one-to-one tuition on your instrument/voice to hone your musical skills.

You will experience composition lessons, focusing on the techniques associated with different music styles, and will learn how to aurally recognise key features in pop and rock music; you
will study set pieces composed in the early 20th century, as well as a wide range of symphonic music composed in the period 1750- 1900.

You will learn how to analyse music, and how to make sense of the musical vocabulary used by different composers.

Entry Requirements

  • GCSEs to include a minimum Grade 5 in Music, if taken
  • Ability to read music fluently and have an understanding of Music Theory (ABRSM), up to grade 5
  • If you do not have a Grade 5 in your main instrument an audition is required

Music Mark School Member



  • Performance
  • Composition
  • Musical Styles
  • Music Theory

Why choose this course?

  • Free tuition on your main instrument/ voice
  • Highly regarded by universities as a challenging academic subject
  • The opportunity to take part in outstanding ensembles

Where might it lead?

As the course combines practical work with theory, many options are open to you after study. Students often go on to work and study in Performance, Composition, Conducting, Arranging and Teaching.


This course is assessed by:

  • Performance 35% + Composition 25% (or vice versa)
  • Written Examination 40%



George Balmont

"The support the college has given me when appling to conservatoires has been amazing."

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