A Level

Exam Board: A Level Philosophy – AQA

Course Summary

A Level Philosophy opens up the debates surrounding knowledge, reality and existence, which have been discussed and contested for centuries. After studying Philosophy at Barton Peveril you will be able to form your own judgements on these debates, using reason and the theories of others to guide and support your conclusions.

Entry Requirements

  • GCSEs to include a minimum Grade 5 in English and Mathematics
  • Minimum average GCSE score of 5.5



  • Epistemology
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Metaphysics of God
  • Philosophy of Mind

Why choose this course?

  • Focus on topical issues
  • Focus on student lead debates and discussions
  • Good foundation for university
  • Teaching advanced writing skills, logical development of arguments and cogent responses

Where might it lead?

Philosophy leads to multiple options in both further study and employment, as it requires logical thought about abstract concepts. Many students go on to study and work in the fields of Philosophy, Religious Studies, English, History, Law, Physics, Maths, Business and the Arts.


This course is 100% examination based.


B Flint

"My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the people. The teachers are always happy to help you, and strive to get you the best grade possible, and the community as a whole is really welcoming!"

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