The Extended Project

The Extended Project is an option available to all students starting in the first year of their studies at Barton Peveril. It allows you to specialise in an area that really interests you and work in a way that mirrors the style of independent learning required by universities.

What does it involve?

An Extended Project qualification is equivalent to half an A Level and attracts the same number of UCAS points. Final marks are graded A* to E and you can choose a topic related to one of your A Level courses or a completely different area of interest, written or practical.

You will be supported by a teacher throughout your project, the outcome of which could be

  • an extended piece of writing
  • a musical or theatrical performance
  • a sculpture or other artefact
  • a report on an investigation or experiment

Why take it?

The Extended Project gives you something you have researched for yourself and which you have become an expert in. We really value its ability to develop independent planning, research and analysis skills and so do Russell Group universities, some of which will make lower offers based on how well you achieve at EPQ. However, you will really want to take this course because you want to step outside of the usual curriculum content; it is for the truly curious!