Student Subjects: Business

Alex Merkushyna

Barton Peveril is is a place where you really want to study, with highly qualified teachers and a modern approach.”

Sabir Ahmed

“My Favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is that how supportive the teachers are.”

Nathan Zagaroli

“Barton has helped me achieve my aims by the exceptional quality of teaching and the support from teachers and progress advisers.”

Anna Vargeson

“I picked Barton because I loved the campus, it seemed as though it would act as a great transition between school and university. I also loved the teachers I spoke to before applying.”

Immanuel Shibu

“The campus was incredibly vibrant and engaging when I saw it for the first time on an open day.”

Sam Ellyatt

“The support available, opportunities for development, work experiance opportunities, student involvement, and the environment at College makes being a student at Barton great!”

Runoh Ahwinahwi

“I love the atmosphere at Barton, everyone is polite, teachers are nice and some even funny which gives a light-hearted feel to lessons.”

Lilia Price

“I like how the lessons at Barton have given me the confidence in my own abilities.”

Bella Pavey

“The music facilities at Barton are high quality and I love how I am pushed out of my comfort zone to be the best possible musician.”

Sophia Barclay

“When I came to the college I was blown away by the facilities, especially being a TASS student.”

Will Dyer

“I love the atmosphere of the college, the support students and teachers give to each other, it allows you to develop your own skills and make improvements to your work.”

Liv Austin

“TASS offers a lot of support to students, and my teachers understand my sporting commitments alongside my college workload.“

Gus Banhire

“The sporting opportunities, environment, location, and standard of teaching was all very good.”

Alfie Turner

“Being part of a sport team has allowed me to form strong friendships with a lot of people.”

Shirely D’Souza

“After Barton Peveril I plan to go to University to study Accounting and Finance or Business Management. I have had a meeting with one of the careers advisors, and they have massively helped me by giving me advice, resources as well as just general information about how universities work.

Kieran Yeo

“When I leave Barton Peveril, I am looking to get an apprenticeship with a bank, as I pursue my ambitions to work within this sector. Barton have made me aware of different career paths and options where I can choose which role would personally suit me in the future. They explained to me what grades and qualifications I would need for these different jobs and have made the situation a lot easier for me.”

Zoe Taylor

“The College held a Futures Fair where I met employers and this helped me to secure work experience.”

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