Student Subjects: Drama and Theatre Studies

Nathan Zagaroli

“Barton has helped me achieve my aims by the exceptional quality of teaching and the support from teachers and progress advisers.”

Issy Chater

“Being at Barton has really helped me to pursue my dream of studying Acting, the careers team have been a massive part of me being able to do that.”

Jennifer Price

“Before Barton, I honestly had to idea what I wanted to do after college but with the excellent opportunities that taking part in the Aspire Programme has offered me, I realised that university was the right pathway for me to embark on when I leave.”

Lilly Mizen

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the friendly atmosphere and there are chances to learn the way that suits you best.”

Amelia Maclennan

“I love the overall atmosphere throughout the college and seeing fellow students around college studying encourages you to be productive.”

Lili-Evangeline Bryden

“Musical Theatre has strengthened my skills in performance and has also boosted my confidence in solo performance work.”

Maximillian Lucas

“At Open Evenings, the College campus stood out as one of the most university-like amongst my prospective colleges. The availability of Japanese, and the praise that my secondary school Drama teacher gave the Performing Arts department also influenced my decision.”

Ajay Sahota

“I really like the atmosphere that Barton Peveril has because it fits my style of learning. The social areas are great for meeting up with friends too!”

Oliver Ingoe

“The feeling of being in a lesson surrounded by people similarly minded people tops it all. Passionate teachers mixed with students loving the subject and genuinely wanting to be there is something invaluable.”

Isabella Grogan

“My future plan is to study Forensic Science at University. Barton Peveril has really helped me in making this decision as U have had really supportive teachers and have been given loads of guidance in the form of Student Progress Advisers and Careers staff.”

Charlotte Falconer

“The careers advice at Barton Peveril is exceptional, with constant support and advice available regarding Higher Education, apprenticeships, jobs, and everything else beyond College life.”

Elijah Jeffery

“Since year 9, I had been set on coming to Barton Peveril. Being a student at Wyvern, I was lucky enough to work closely with Barton students in workshops and at concerts, and this really sparked my interest in the College.”

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