Student Subjects: Economics

Leon Baker

“Barton Peveril is enthusiastic, driven and successful.”

Elouise Kerby-Dickinson

“Barton Peveril is a very supportive, independent, and modern college.”

Kira Barton

“Buildings and facilities at Barton are very modern, study spaces are everywhere with a range of adapted desk spaces depending on what you need.”

Ruby Hickey

“The whole campus has such a friendly and vibrant atmosphere so I really enjoy coming to college!”

Jess Smith

“I love the amount of opportunities I have been given since I have been here and how I can actually study subjects I am really interested in.”

Freddie Finlay

“The enthusiastic teachers (especially in geography) pushed me further to understand and develop opinions around my subjects.”

Robbie Lee

“I enjoy the independence at Barton, the ability to learn new subjects and the support given by all my subject teachers.”

Becca Gemmell

“The wide range of Q-XTRA courses available for everyone makes learning specific subjects easier.”

Martha Weavers

“I personally love the enhanced independence that I have as a result of being a Barton Peveril student.”

Ajay Sahota

“I really like the atmosphere that Barton Peveril has because it fits my style of learning. The social areas are great for meeting up with friends too!”

Alfie Turner

“Being part of a sport team has allowed me to form strong friendships with a lot of people.”

Zoe Taylor

“The College held a Futures Fair where I met employers and this helped me to secure work experience.”

Myah Ojla

“The atmosphere is friendly, the lessons are intensive yet enjoyable, there are many enrichments to participate in, there are lots of opportunities to go on trips, and there is helpful support available with the careers service.”

Sebastian Lansdowne

“I chose Barton Peveril because of the facilities, having an extremely well equipped art department has allowed me to push the boundaries of what I thought I could create.”

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