Student Subjects: English Language and Literature

Ben Watts

“I believe that the college has aided my development of certain skills that are necessary to achieve my future goals!”

Jennifer Price

“Before Barton, I honestly had to idea what I wanted to do after college but with the excellent opportunities that taking part in the Aspire Programme has offered me, I realised that university was the right pathway for me to embark on when I leave.”

Megan Collett

“I feel supported at Barton and all the teachers are encouraging and help get the best from me.”

Felix Armstrong

“The welcoming atmosphere of the college and the engaged compassionate nature of the teachers and staff was what made me decide to come to Barton Peveril.”

Lilly Mizen

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the friendly atmosphere and there are chances to learn the way that suits you best.”

Lamar Mukundi

“The College‚Äôs reputation and support system really attracted me when choosing what college to attened.”

Ella Clarke

“Barton Peveril is a really welcoming college, during the Open Evenings and Taster Days I was really impressed by the community within the Performing Arts.”

Joshua Douglas

“Barton Peveril puts the needs of students first, and the staff support the students to the best of their abilities.”

Molly Sykes

“I have gained huge amounts of confidence from the positive attitude always shown by teachers. They want the best for all students and prioritise our successes.”

Hannah Preston

“Barton Peveril is very welcoming and supportive and the teachers do their best to help you improve as a student and an individual. I love how each teacher treats their students with respect and trust as it helps me to remember why I enjoy learning!”

Sasha Jambaya

“By making my subjects livelier, my teachers have helped me to grasp new concepts easier.”

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