Student Subjects: English Language

Julia Motherwell

I chose Barton due to the facilities and the opportunities on offer, like the many Q-Extras on offer.”

Nathan Zagaroli

“Barton has helped me achieve my aims by the exceptional quality of teaching and the support from teachers and progress advisers.”

Finley Rowsell

“The facilities at Barton are phenomenal there is always somewhere to study with useful technology to use as well as so many amazing places to eat.”

Lucas Williams

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril Student is the atmosphere it provides. Being in college provides a very supportive and helpful learning atmosphere which greatly helps me with my studies. It also provides a great social atmosphere to make friends and to be able to have fun and learn with friends in a suitable environment.”

Alecs Atkinson

“Meeting new people and making new friends has been amazing, and the college’s atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming.”

Sacha Brenton

“The welcoming, supportive environment is what initially drew me to Barton Peveril.”

Ettie Robins

“I would recommend Barton Peveril because there is the right balance between being treated like an adult and also being supported so you aren’t left to struggle by yourself.”

Alsa Sumra

“After leaving Barton Peveril I would like to go into further education and apply to do degree in Primary School Teaching, because I have a passion and commitment to working in the educational sector as a teacher.”

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