Student Subjects: English Literature

Gabi Olalekan

Barton Peveril is supportive, welcoming and caring”

Alana Collett

“Barton has a range of societies which are very individual and fascinating in their own ways. All societies are welcoming and open to everyone giving you the chance to make friends with people who have the same interests”

Lily Dermott

“All the support the staff give in extra classes, revision sessions and always having fun activities planned to do with topics.”

Veni Angelova

“I really enjoy my lessons, I also enjoy the freedom I get in college and being treated like a young adult instead of a child.”

Jodie Mulligan

“I particularly enjoy the size of the college and the range of activities, sports and clubs there is.”

Amelia Treasure

“The community and friendliness of everyone, the approachability of the teachers, and hardworking but fun atmosphere is great at College.”

Hannah Devenish

“The friendly and down-to-earth atmosphere of the college that I got from the Open Day, made me feel that it would be a place that I could excel in my studies.”

Izzy Thomas

“The support and encouragement students get at College is great!”

Amelia Maclennan

“I love the overall atmosphere throughout the college and seeing fellow students around college studying encourages you to be productive.”

Ella Shaw

“Barton Peveril is an extremely accommodating college. I always feel completely supported with any doubt or worry I may have – whether it’s college related or not.”

Sam D’Bell

“The atmosphere is very welcoming and the teachers and staff are friendly and provide a lot of support.”

Ryan Granger

“At Barton Peveril, there is the perfect balance of academia and social support. I am able to enhance my intellectual curiosity through the liberty and individualism granted to us, whilst benefiting from the superb quality of teaching from each individual teacher. Each subject comes with a different teaching style so it’s as if teachers themselves can flourish and excel in their vocation.”

Maximillian Lucas

“At Open Evenings, the College campus stood out as one of the most university-like amongst my prospective colleges. The availability of Japanese, and the praise that my secondary school Drama teacher gave the Performing Arts department also influenced my decision.”

Tatiana Sondej

“Barton Peveril has helped me to achieve my aims by providing information on all of the options available to me and informing me on what to consider when choosing which Universities I would like to apply for.”

Myah Ojla

“The atmosphere is friendly, the lessons are intensive yet enjoyable, there are many enrichments to participate in, there are lots of opportunities to go on trips, and there is helpful support available with the careers service.”

Zaneta Ibekwe

“My future career ambition is to start my own business and Barton Peveril has helped me develop the fundamental skills I will need for the future such as resilience, patience and independence.”

Divya Beri

“I participate in the Barton Peveril Choir and have been taken part in the concerts held in Romsey Abbey and the Rose Theatre. I have met some amazing people at choir and friends that I will keep for life.”

Jasmin Babai

“Barton Peveril is a great college that allows you to overcome the dramatic change between Secondary School and University.”

Flora Pick

“After Barton I’m hoping to continue studying English Literature at university, and wish to ultimately end up in journalism or publishing of some description.”

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