Student Subjects: Geography

Ben Harry

“Everyone at Barton is keen to do the subjects they’ve picked which makes for a better learning environment and helps with progress.”

Hannah Reed

The teachers are really engaging and helpful so you can always ask them if you don’t understand a concept.”

Khadija Hire

I was impressed with the sheer amount of support and facilities that were available for students at Barton. I felt that Barton had a healthy environment a positive space, and most importantly it is a place that promoted hard work self improvement.

Ollie Cazaly

“Barton Peveril has been great in helping me secure my future career goals for after college.”

Freddie Finlay

“The enthusiastic teachers (especially in geography) pushed me further to understand and develop opinions around my subjects.”

Jess Bee

“Instantly when I first visited Barton I knew it was the college for me, a place where I could excel and pursue my career aspirations.”

Elliott Johnson

“The college is modern, the support that they offer students in all subjects is unique and there are lots of enrichment opportunities!”

Xavier Dunn

“I enjoy everything about being a student at Barton, from the fantastic teachers to the many opportunities I have been given, especially through the TASS Programme.”

Martha Weavers

“I personally love the enhanced independence that I have as a result of being a Barton Peveril student.”

Liv Austin

“TASS offers a lot of support to students, and my teachers understand my sporting commitments alongside my college workload.“

Ella Shaw

“Barton Peveril is an extremely accommodating college. I always feel completely supported with any doubt or worry I may have – whether it’s college related or not.”

Sam D’Bell

“The atmosphere is very welcoming and the teachers and staff are friendly and provide a lot of support.”

Zoe Taylor

“The College held a Futures Fair where I met employers and this helped me to secure work experience.”

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