Student Subjects: Mathematics

Joshua Kaitharam Thomas

“In three words I would describe Barton Peveril as ‘a useful bridge’.”

Nicole Sange Benitez

Most of my teachers have real world experience outside of their subject’s curriculum and it shows.”

Ben Harry

“Everyone at Barton is keen to do the subjects they’ve picked which makes for a better learning environment and helps with progress.”

Aizik Ahwinahwi

The campus is spacious and filled with amazing facilities and my teachers are amazing and never fail to go above and beyond.”

Maria Lanza Valenciano

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the amount of support and resources you get such as the guidance about careers advice as well as university advice.”

Issie Love

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is that you always have the opportunity to ask questions and have extra support.”

Runoh Ahwinahwi

“I love the atmosphere at Barton, everyone is polite, teachers are nice and some even funny which gives a light-hearted feel to lessons.”

Charlotte Bridges

“My favourite thing about Barton Peveril is how enthusiastic all of my teachers are, I love being taught by people who share my passion for their subject.”

Jack Gamblin

“The quality of teaching is exceptional and the independence you have over your own learning is great.”

Alecs Atkinson

“Meeting new people and making new friends has been amazing, and the college’s atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming.”

Ashraf Alam

“The maths department has the most abundant and best created resources to help you with independent learning.”

Ollie Cazaly

“Barton Peveril has been great in helping me secure my future career goals for after college.”

Elouise Kerby-Dickinson

“Barton Peveril is a very supportive, independent, and modern college.”

Kira Barton

“Buildings and facilities at Barton are very modern, study spaces are everywhere with a range of adapted desk spaces depending on what you need.”

Ben Hammond

“I particularly enjoy the freedom and responsibility associated with being a student at Barton.”

Jodie Mulligan

“I particularly enjoy the size of the college and the range of activities, sports and clubs there is.”

Ruby Hickey

“The whole campus has such a friendly and vibrant atmosphere so I really enjoy coming to college!”

Tom Whiting

“The fantastic careers team and my teachers have helped me to get an offer from Oxford.”

Jacob Clements

“All my subjects are really engaging and fascinating at college.”

Amelia Veal

“The teaching support at Barton made me choose this as my college, I know they will help me achieve my goals.”

Finn Galway

“The science centre at Barton Peveril is rather spectacular, with many state of the art facilities and equipment.”

Ellie Robinson

“The atmosphere at Barton is great, everyone supports each other and the teachers are very passionate about their subjects and helping you!”

Ruth Rudman

“Barton Peveril has been an amazing help with securing my future steps for after college!”

Molly Aspinall

“I love the independence I have in my studies and support from teachers at Barton Peveril.”

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