Student Subjects: Media (Production) Diploma

Sabir Ahmed

“My Favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is that how supportive the teachers are.”

April Orman

“I enjoy the creative freedom that comes with my subjects, I feel I have gained more independence.”

Amy Harding

“The college has a really welcoming and friendly atmosphere both in and out of lessons which makes studying and socialising in the college enjoyable.”

Luke Webster

“The college has an amazing community and is a great place to make friends.”

Maddy Tait

“The college is very easy to navigate, and everyone is willing to give you direction.”

Areesha Yaseen

“Coming to Barton Peveril not only boosted my grades but changed my personality in the most positive way. “

Will Dyer

“I love the atmosphere of the college, the support students and teachers give to each other, it allows you to develop your own skills and make improvements to your work.”

Filip Borzeszkowski

“I like the sense of community and the relationships between the students and teachers as well.”

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