Student Subjects: Politics

Eireen Grace Joao-Castano

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student are the teachers. You can sense their passion for teaching, their commitment to help students succeed, their profound knowledge of the subjects, their dedication.”

Finley Rowsell

“The facilities at Barton are phenomenal there is always somewhere to study with useful technology to use as well as so many amazing places to eat.”

Alfie Bartrum

“The campus is much nicer than any other college I visited and the extra curricular opportunities were much more varied.”

Ruby Hickey

“The whole campus has such a friendly and vibrant atmosphere so I really enjoy coming to college!”

Jacob Clements

“All my subjects are really engaging and fascinating at college.”

Emily Haines-Furse

“My favourite aspect of the college is the way the teachers are not only fantastic in their teaching ability but are committed to being likeable and will often take time out of their day to be your friend as well as your teacher.”

Oliver Doyle

“At Barton, I feel that I am being taught by skilled and mindful teachers that know how to push each individual student in the best direction.”

Izzy Thomas

“The support and encouragement students get at College is great!”

Ryan Granger

“At Barton Peveril, there is the perfect balance of academia and social support. I am able to enhance my intellectual curiosity through the liberty and individualism granted to us, whilst benefiting from the superb quality of teaching from each individual teacher. Each subject comes with a different teaching style so it’s as if teachers themselves can flourish and excel in their vocation.”

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