Student Subjects: Psychology

Nellie Podesta

“There is countless of activities you can get yourself involved in and barton really pushes you out your comfort zone.”

Maria Lanza Valenciano

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the amount of support and resources you get such as the guidance about careers advice as well as university advice.”

Anna Vargeson

“I picked Barton because I loved the campus, it seemed as though it would act as a great transition between school and university. I also loved the teachers I spoke to before applying.”

Issie Love

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is that you always have the opportunity to ask questions and have extra support.”

Lily Dermott

“All the support the staff give in extra classes, revision sessions and always having fun activities planned to do with topics.”

Elouise Kerby-Dickinson

“Barton Peveril is a very supportive, independent, and modern college.”

Alfie Bartrum

“The campus is much nicer than any other college I visited and the extra curricular opportunities were much more varied.”

Issy Chater

“Being at Barton has really helped me to pursue my dream of studying Acting, the careers team have been a massive part of me being able to do that.”

Amelia Veal

“The teaching support at Barton made me choose this as my college, I know they will help me achieve my goals.”

Matilda Lambert

“I really liked the feel of the college that I got from the open evenings, all the students seemed really friendly and the staff seemed passionate about their subjects.”

Lamar Mukundi

“The College’s reputation and support system really attracted me when choosing what college to attened.”

Sacha Brenton

“The welcoming, supportive environment is what initially drew me to Barton Peveril.”

Holly Dewbury

“I love the atmosphere at Barton Peveril, the teachers and my tutor were very supportive through my application process for university.”

Maddie Stone

“Barton Peveril has incredible facilities for a huge range of subjects, allowing you to create a vast understanding as well as providing additional help and out of lesson opportunities to further your studies. Enrichment opportunities and clubs allow you to express yourself and meet people with similar interests.”

Lucy Anderson

“I am so pleased I made the decision to come to Barton. My teachers here have both challenged and supported me to reach my full potential and they share my aspirations for success!”

Isla Maria French

“Open Evenings helped me make my decision as they were engaging and the students and teachers were so kind and informative, which really influenced my choice. My Taster Day also really helped me to choose my subjects, and the College made my transition from school easy.”

Ella Morris

“The layout is very modern and the College is very well equipped. The teachers not only teach the courses well, but they have fun with the content too and socially I have made many friends.”

Tia Gibson

“Barton Peveril has a wonderful atmosphere and is a place where you can thrive and succeed. The teachers are reciprocative and want you to be the best version of yourself you can be. There are a plethora of courses you can take, each with their own skills to set you up for life, allowing you to reach your full potential and fulfil any academic and employment ambitions you may have for the future.”

Joshua Douglas

“Barton Peveril puts the needs of students first, and the staff support the students to the best of their abilities.”

Faye Francis

“I have gained a lot of knowledge from my studies which have helped inform my future career ideas.”

Caitlin Smith

“Barton Peveril is a friendly place to be. All of the staff are really supportive and it is a good introduction into adult life.”

Minhad Rahman

“I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere at Barton Peveril as I have met a variety of new friends from different backgrounds in classes and sport clubs.”

Shirely D’Souza

“After Barton Peveril I plan to go to University to study Accounting and Finance or Business Management. I have had a meeting with one of the careers advisors, and they have massively helped me by giving me advice, resources as well as just general information about how universities work.

Isabella Grogan

“My future plan is to study Forensic Science at University. Barton Peveril has really helped me in making this decision as U have had really supportive teachers and have been given loads of guidance in the form of Student Progress Advisers and Careers staff.”

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