Student Subjects: Sociology

Esther Langmead

“The lessons are very interesting and engaging as the teachers are passionate about their subjects which can be seen through their teaching.”

Julia Motherwell

I chose Barton due to the facilities and the opportunities on offer, like the many Q-Extras on offer.”

Lily Dermott

“All the support the staff give in extra classes, revision sessions and always having fun activities planned to do with topics.”

Lucas Williams

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril Student is the atmosphere it provides. Being in college provides a very supportive and helpful learning atmosphere which greatly helps me with my studies. It also provides a great social atmosphere to make friends and to be able to have fun and learn with friends in a suitable environment.”

Lilia Price

“I like how the lessons at Barton have given me the confidence in my own abilities.”

Becca Gemmell

“The wide range of Q-XTRA courses available for everyone makes learning specific subjects easier.”

Oliver Doyle

“At Barton, I feel that I am being taught by skilled and mindful teachers that know how to push each individual student in the best direction.”

Jarred Bailey Horne

“I enjoy the lessons as they are very interactive and the support is great. I have an understanding of what I would like to do after College all thanks to my teachers and the Careers department.”

Lily Shergill

“At Barton Peveril, I have really enjoyed making all a lot of new friends. In all my classes, I’ve made new friends that I would have never met before!”

Serene Wong

“There are so many great college trips which are offered to students, I went with the Art department to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition which was a fantastic experience and really inspirational to my own work.”

Zaneta Ibekwe

“My future career ambition is to start my own business and Barton Peveril has helped me develop the fundamental skills I will need for the future such as resilience, patience and independence.”

Jasmin Babai

“Barton Peveril is a great college that allows you to overcome the dramatic change between Secondary School and University.”

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