Student Profiles

Joshua Kaitharam Thomas

“In three words I would describe Barton Peveril as ‘a useful bridge’.”

Esther Langmead

“The lessons are very interesting and engaging as the teachers are passionate about their subjects which can be seen through their teaching.”

Nicole Sange Benitez

Most of my teachers have real world experience outside of their subject’s curriculum and it shows.”

Julia Motherwell

I chose Barton due to the facilities and the opportunities on offer, like the many Q-Extras on offer.”

Ben Harry

“Everyone at Barton is keen to do the subjects they’ve picked which makes for a better learning environment and helps with progress.”

Olly Hart

“I love being able to do my work in the cafes and study areas, it’s such a relaxing environment and allows me to complete independent work and homework.”

Hannah Reed

The teachers are really engaging and helpful so you can always ask them if you don’t understand a concept.”

Gabi Olalekan

Barton Peveril is supportive, welcoming and caring”

Aizik Ahwinahwi

The campus is spacious and filled with amazing facilities and my teachers are amazing and never fail to go above and beyond.”

Alana Collett

“Barton has a range of societies which are very individual and fascinating in their own ways. All societies are welcoming and open to everyone giving you the chance to make friends with people who have the same interests”

Nellie Podesta

“There is countless of activities you can get yourself involved in and barton really pushes you out your comfort zone.”

Alex Merkushyna

Barton Peveril is is a place where you really want to study, with highly qualified teachers and a modern approach.”

Sabir Ahmed

“My Favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is that how supportive the teachers are.”

Eireen Grace Joao-Castano

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student are the teachers. You can sense their passion for teaching, their commitment to help students succeed, their profound knowledge of the subjects, their dedication.”

Nathan Zagaroli

“Barton has helped me achieve my aims by the exceptional quality of teaching and the support from teachers and progress advisers.”

Maria Lanza Valenciano

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the amount of support and resources you get such as the guidance about careers advice as well as university advice.”

B Flint

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is the people. The teachers are always happy to help you, and strive to get you the best grade possible, and the community as a whole is really welcoming!”

Anna Vargeson

“I picked Barton because I loved the campus, it seemed as though it would act as a great transition between school and university. I also loved the teachers I spoke to before applying.”

Issie Love

“My favourite thing about being a Barton Peveril student is that you always have the opportunity to ask questions and have extra support.”

Khadija Hire

I was impressed with the sheer amount of support and facilities that were available for students at Barton. I felt that Barton had a healthy environment a positive space, and most importantly it is a place that promoted hard work self improvement.

Immanuel Shibu

“The campus was incredibly vibrant and engaging when I saw it for the first time on an open day.”

Lily Dermott

“All the support the staff give in extra classes, revision sessions and always having fun activities planned to do with topics.”

Gabby Marshall

“I picked Barton because the atmosphere is very friendly, the teachers always make sure that you understand all the work that has been set and are really good at understanding your situation in college and how to help you progress.”

Harry Rowsell

“The level of academia and opportunities is so far above other colleges! The atmosphere is nothing but positive and even before I started I knew it would be a place I could make something of myself.”

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