Ajay Sahota

Which school did you go to?

Upper Shirley High

What subjects do you study?

Mathematics, Economics, Drama and Theatre Studies

What do you particularly enjoy about being a student at Barton Peveril?

“I really like the atmosphere that Barton Peveril has because it fits my style of learning. The social areas are great for meeting up with friends too!”

How has Barton Peveril helped you to achieve your aims?

“As I’m looking into going into the financial sector, Maths and Economics has really aided me in that direction with the constant support of the teachers. I am also considering going into acting, and Drama and Theatre studies has really given me the skills to advance in that field.”

What do you feel you have gained from your studies?

“Economics provides a brilliant insight into how the world functions, while Drama brings out my creative side, which is part of the brain that I don’t normally use, so it’s great to utilise it during my lessons! Maths can be challenging, however it’s rewarding when you understand something you have been working hard on.”

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