Daniele Stankeviciute

Which school did you go to?

St George Catholic School

What subjects do you study?

Biology, Chemistry, French

What do you particularly enjoy about being a Barton Peveril student?

“The teachers are very supportive if you are struggling and the atmosphere as a whole makes it easy to make friends.”

What do you enjoy most out of all your subjects?

“I find Biology very interesting because the lesson activities are very similar which means that you are more comfortable with getting to know the type of work. In Chemistry Andy encourages us to be more independent and use other resources before asking him which has made me more confident in my own abilities to solve problems on my own. Finally, in French, I enjoy the way Dominique encourages us to socialise as it helps us to improve our communication skills.”

What makes Barton Peveril stand out from other Colleges?

“There are lifts and ramps which makes it for people with any disabilities easy to access the college. The nurse is always there if you need to talk to her and if you need any advice or anybody to talk to you can make appointments to speak to your SPA or a councillor.”

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