Elijah Jeffery

Which school did you go to?

Wyvern Technology College

What subjects do you study?

Acting, Drama and Theatre Studies and Popular Music and Jazz Studies

Why did you choose Barton Peveril?

“Since year 9, I had been set on coming to Barton Peveril. Being a student at Wyvern, I was lucky enough to work closely with Barton students in workshops and at concerts, and this really sparked my interest in the college. Additionally, lots of my friends in older years at Wyvern applied for and got into Barton to study Performing Arts, which is something I always wanted to do.”

What have you gained since studying at Barton Peveril?

“Even since September, I think I have learnt more about my craft and the careers available to me than I ever have. In Acting, we have studied and completed several units, and it’s incredible just how much we’ve been able to fit into little over a term.”

What do you particularly enjoy about Barton Peveril?

“I have already been on several theatre visits and had workshops with industry professionals. Each of these opportunities compliments and enhances the work done in lesson, and inspires you to experiment and ask questions when in a learning environment: ‘How could I replicate that skill?’, ‘How did they go about staging that scene?’ and so on.”

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