Kieran Yeo

Which school did you go to?

The Mountbatten School

What subjects do you study?

Business and Information Technology.

What are your plans for when you leave Barton Peveril?

“When I leave Barton Peveril, I am looking to get an apprenticeship with a bank, as I pursue my ambitions to work within this sector. Barton have made me aware of different career paths and options where I can choose which role would personally suit me in the future. They explained to me what grades and qualifications I would need for these different jobs and have made the situation a lot easier for me.”

What have you gained from your studies at Barton Peveril, so far?

“I have learnt to become more independent and resilient with work. The College has installed confidence in me to do my work correctly, appropriately and to the best of my ability.”

Why would you recommend Barton Peveril to future students?

“It is a very friendly environment, where people can enjoy themselves. But it is somewhere that helps students progress on to University and Apprenticeship in the future.”

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