Lili-Evangeline Bryden

Which school did you go to?

St Anne’s Catholic School

What subjects do you study?

Drama and Theatre Studies, Performing Arts: Musical Theatre

What influenced your decision to come to Barton Peveril?

“The onsite facilities such as the Rose Theatre, dance studios and practice rooms! It was very handy to always have space to go over choreography or blocking whenever I needed to and the spaces were always clean and looked after! The teachers on open evenings were extremely helpful in outlining course details and very friendly. The atmosphere of the place and recommendations from friends also weighed in!”

What have you gained from the subjects you study?

“Musical Theatre has strengthened my skills in performance and has also boosted my confidence in solo performance work. The course itself offers an extensive catalogue of enriching opportunities and experiences that are valuable for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the performing arts industry! As well as gaining many practical skills, Drama has also helped elevate my progression in effective essay writing, researching and communicating. The course has also provided me with expansive knowledge regarding many influential practitioners and an in depth understanding of performance techniques.”

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