Luke Haddock

Which school did you go to?

The Hamble School

What subjects did you study?

Mathematics, Biology, Photography and Japanese

How has Barton Peveril helped you to achieve your aims?

“My future career ambitions are to work in the field in Biology, either studying and researching new ideas or actively working out in hospitals or working abroad to assist in illnesses, for example delivering out vaccinations. Barton has helped me by providing with very interesting and efficient way of learning about Biology topics. Also the careers appointment I booked previously, were very helpful in giving me ideas and knowledge about degrees in University and resources to use.”

What do you particularly enjoy about Barton Peveril?

“I particularly enjoy the student life of independence, where I am free to choose how I spend my time and make the most out of the well-developed facilities at Barton. One of my favourite is the Library, where there are many seats available and I can just bring my laptop with me to use for my own independent study. And even though Barton has a very busy atmosphere, I enjoy how fast paced and vibrant it is. Also, I am always impressed by the technology available at Barton. It is has a huge variety of resources and tool, but yet it is still able to work together very well in Barton’s system and at home.”

What do you think of the support offered?

“My subject teachers provide a lot of support and care to their classes. They are quite often keeping check on Student’s progress and how well they are understanding the content. They even often ask a lot about your future aspirations and like to link in how their course will assist to that goal. The career advisors are very good at their job, they are there to talk about any kind of aspirations that you wish to pursue and will give you detailed information about the right paths to take to get there. They will also give you ideas about other kinds of careers or courses that relate with your interests.”

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