Rowan Browning

Which school did you go to?

Henry Cort Community College

What subjects do you study?

Biology, Chemistry, History

What do you think you have gained from your studies?

Studying at Barton Peveril has helped improve my organisation and time management skills, and the support I’ve received is second to none. The Enrichment programmes available have expanded my knowledge beyond what we learn in College.

What do you think of the support offered at Barton Peveril?

“The meetings with the Careers team really helped me to decide which type of degree to do by providing me with valuable advice and the resources to research further. It made the whole process less daunting.

What influenced your decision to come to Barton Peveril?

The Introductory day gave me a feel for the atmosphere of the College and the lessons. It was incredibly positive as both the teachers and students were accepting and knowledgeable.”

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