Ryan Granger

Which school did you go to?

Brookfield Community School

What subjects do you study?

French, Politics, English Literature

What influenced your decision to come to Barton Peveril?

“I was really impressed with the campus at Open Evenings and on Taster Day, and my friends and family had previously been very successful at Barton Peveril. Their results also influenced my decision to study here.”

What do you feel you have gained from each of your subjects?

“Immersing myself in the French culture has been the real key to developing my fluency, as well as the maturity of the content studied, such as multiculturalism. In Politics, it’s as if the classes have adopted the democracy of the constitution and we are all able to express our ideological views whilst we cover the broad syllabus and develop our comprehension of the political theory. The transition from GCSE to A Level English Literature is going from being able to interpret a basic text to becoming a literary theorist and critic. The world of literature is so diverse and I feel as if we gain an appreciate for each three forms of literature (prose, poetry and drama).”

What do you particularly enjoy about being a student at Barton Peveril?

“At Barton Peveril, there is the perfect balance of academia and social support. I am able to enhance my intellectual curiosity through the liberty and individualism granted to us, whilst benefiting from the superb quality of teaching from each individual teacher. Each subject comes with a different teaching style so it’s as if teachers themselves can flourish and excel in their vocation.”

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