Shirley D’Souza

Which school did you go to?

St Anne’s Catholic School

What subjects do you study?

Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Psychology and Business.

What are your plans for when you leave Barton Peveril?

“After Barton Peveril I plan to go to University to study Accounting and Finance or Business Management. I have had a meeting with one of the careers advisors, and they have massively helped me by giving me advice, resources (such as websites to look at) as well as just general information about how universities work. As well as this, I have 1-1s with my subject teachers about how I’ve performed in lessons as well as my assessments, and this really helps me focus my studying on things I need to improve.”

What do you enjoy about your courses?

“I really enjoy all of my subjects, and even if I’m struggling the teachers help me to the best of their abilities in making sure that I’ve really grasped the concept of whatever we’re studying.”

What do you particularly enjoy about Barton Peveril?

“The atmosphere at Barton Peveril is amazing; the teachers and students are all so nice and accepting of who you are. The lessons are fast paced so that we can cover all the topics in the lesson, but it is still a pace that students can handle, and the teachers go out of their way to help each student if they’re struggling. Barton Peveril has also provided me with the opportunity to go on some amazing trips, such as a trip to Harry Potter Studios in London and an amazing Cambridge University Residential!”

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