Zaneta Ibekwe

Which school did you go to?

Thornden School

What subjects do you study?

English Literature, Fine Art and Sociology

What are your plans for when you leave Barton Peveril?

“When I leave Barton Peveril my plan is to go to University to hopefully study fashion with business studies or fashion management. My future career ambition is to start my own business and Barton Peveril has helped me develop the fundamental skills I will need for the future such as resilience, patience and independence.”

Why would you recommend Barton Peveril to future students?

“I would recommend Barton Peveril to any student that is trying to decide what college to go to because not only is it a bright an exciting environment to work in, but students’ progress and wellbeing is a priority – students have easy access to career advisors if need be.”

What do you particularly enjoy about Barton Peveril?

“I love the different opportunities the College offers, such as a range of exciting enrichment opportunities and talks from people from various industries.”

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